Eko-Habitat provides a creative space
where youth, children and indigenous communities
can network and explore attainable solutions
for a sustainable future,
share common goals and practices
as well as be exposed to the most
effective environmental and social solutions
available from around the globe.

About Eko-Habitat

We support youth-run projects by mentoring their particular vision and providing the skills required to achieve their goals. We train trainers in practical sustainable solutions that are replicable, scalable and sustainable, and then we show them how to link their projects with networks worldwide.

We produce special events and non-formal education projects that support children in developing their vision of a balanced and socially ethical future. We open a window to a world of possibilities and provide them with basic skills to develop a course of action and sustain their projects. We do workshops on “The Culture of Well Being”.

Eko-Habitat facilitates and supports inter-tribal events and gatherings that promote the preservation of ancestral cultures and the sharing of ancient wisdom throughout the Americas. We also provide training and support to traditional and rural cultures in their efforts to restore Earth through community based projects and do-it-yourself sustainable practices.


Youth worldwide are seeing the need to invent their own sustainable future. Through empowerment, practical interaction, community support and education the Eko-Habitat and TEKIO projects have expanded their perspectives and capacities so that they can carry out their own vision.


Through vision, art and practical environmental projects children are awakened to their greatest asset…their imagination.
In the councils they get to exercise their capacity to visualize a better life and utilize their 
talents to create it.


Over forty years dedicated to serving as a bridge maker and production manager for spiritual and cultural gatherings, runs, reunions, events and actions that honor Earth and unify the First Nations throughout the Americas and beyond.

Forest Photo Credit: Núria Millàs https://www.flickr.com/photos/phototib/
License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/