Angel Donors

Thank you for your generous donations 
and support.

Hanne Mastrand Strong
Lindsay Wagner
Dr. Daniel Susott
Kathryn Elizabeth Campbell
Africa Domes
Anna Bryson
Albert Bates
Jorge Bildo Saravia
Romulo Hinojosa


Eko-Habitat in Mexico & Haiti

Thanks to the generous donation from the Kathryn Elizabeth Campbell Susott Fund. We are partnering with Dr. Daniel Susott to bring practical workshops, tools and access to youth networks as well as mentoring to underserved communities in Mexico and Haiti. This is creating a growing base of active Do-It-Yourself service projects helping youth and children create well-being and ongoing sustainability within their local communities which will benefit from an ongoing relationship with members of the extraordinary voluntourism networks that exist.


Global Village Institute

Global Village Institute is 
Eko-Habitat Projects’ 501(c) (3) non-profit fiscal sponsor.
A non-profit organization created to research promising new technologies that can benefit humanity in environmentally friendly ways. Global Village Institute is our fiscal sponsor.
If a 501(3) receipt is required please contact us.