What If Children Could Imagine A Better Future?


Children are extraordinary changemakers, they have a great capacity and willingness to create a better world through vision, art and practical, do-able DIY environmental projects despite the social and environmental challenges they face today all over the world. They only need the start-up tools; Information and Skills that open a world of possibilities. In a short time they learn, share and become passionate about generating their own projects, creating community and support around their ideas and reaching out to national and international networks that link the local to the global.

Ekohabitat has an ongoing project called “Children’s Vision Councils” which prepares children for participation in local and global matters that affect their present and their future. That project has generated the “Guardianes del Futuro”, “Children’s Torch of Hope”, “Consejo de Visiones-Secundarias de Chalmita”, “Yo Importo Mexico” and many local projects created by the youth. Helen spent two years training Indigenous and Inner City children in four states in Mexico so they could participate as delegates to the World Summit of Children in San Francisco and the General Assembly during the UN 50th Anniversary in NY.


This course has been offered to children of diverse backgrounds and social possibilities (groups of 20 kids or more who are from 8 to 14). The children who have attended are from Mexico City’s urban neighborhoods as well as middle school students in surrounding villages. The hope and skills learned last a lifetime and are passed to the next generation as seen in this new  generation of Earth Champions coming in. Through a series of workshops the Eko-Habitat team of teachers and youth facilitators have exposed the children to introspection, expression and practical planning through workshops in art, media, radio, eco-expositions and at the end they are more prepared to be aware and pro-active in matters that affect their life.

Children are our continuum,
our living evolution 
worthy of
our investment.