First International Forum for the Rights of Mother Earth


Celebrating World Environment Day
Mexico City | June 1-5 2016


Movement: horizon, path, and destiny

It is time to globalize legislation for the Rights of Mother Earth and establish a Universal Declaration of the Rights of Nature, to recognize her as a living being- the biggest of all-, to protect her, restore her, and link her to humanity by way of respect and preservation of all her species.
Only this action can stop the irrational exploitation and the utilitarian view that today drives the relationship between mankind and Nature.
Therefore, this declaration is the first step to ensure the future of the innumerable forms of existence, including the human species, on our planet.

Mexico has gained significant legal steps to shift from an anthropocentric to a biocentric view, such as the Law of Protection of the Earth in Mexico City and the constitutional recognition of the rights of Nature in the state of Guerrero. These legislative advancements motivate various national and international organizations and social networks to convene the First International Forum for the Rights of Mother Earth on June 1st through 5th, 2016 in Mexico City, surrounding World Environment Day, celebrated on June 5th.

The First International Forum for the Rights of Mother Earth brings legislators, scientists, philosophers, ecologists, artists, keepers of ancient traditions, and social and spiritual leaders together to define
actions that ignite social awareness —extensive, diverse, and in solidarity— centered around the importance of legislating the Rights of Mother Earth.

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