Fundacion Cuatro Mundos


1st Presidential forum with the indigenous peoples of Panama.

Bridging the Eagle and the Condor through supporting Indigenous Nations in their Traditional Gatherings and Congresses as well as creating supporting Cultural and Environmental events.

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Establishing agreements with the presidential candidates vis-a-vis the integral and effective integrating the political participation of the indigenous peoples under the 2014-2019- Government Plan. Guarantees that investment and development in the counties and territories are effectively channeled through the channels of each of the indigenous traditional structures.

That the programs and projects in these indigenous counties and territories are implemented in compliance with prior consultation and informed consent.


Territories and Legal Framework
Legal guarantees of the legalization of existing counties and territories which remain pending for the Naso Tjerdi, Bri Bri people, and the Dagar Gunwale Territory, as well as the approval of the Collective Organic Earth letter and the contiguous areas to the Ngäbe Bugle people .

The ratification of the Agreement in the International Labor Organization ILO (International Labor Organization), and the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples that envisages the mechanism of prior consultation and informed consent of indigenous peoples.


Economy and Indigenous Development
Development programs, and economic projects, communal and regional, for the production and commercialization of indigenous artistry.

Development and development programs / projects for the development of the commercialization of products derived from natural, agricultural, and environmental resources within the collective counties or territories, creating standards for competitive quality of service for the market.

A legal guarantee for access to the state budget for the running and operation of the General Congresses and Councils the traditional structures of the indigenous peoples.


Indigenous Health
Promoting inter-culturality in health services, modifying the model for attention and existing infrastructures so they will respond to the basic needs and vision of the indigenous peoples by use of provision and prevention.


Natural Resources and Environment
In that the axis for development of our natural resources and environment, is the life-force of our indigenous societies and humanity, the following agreements are needed:

-Programs for environmental education, at both formal and informal levels, for the indigenous and non-indigenous societies.

-Development of waste management and recycling programs in the Counties and Territories.

-Development of risk management planning, abatement, and disasters in vulnerable areas in the counties and territories.

-Promoting the conservation of woodland and its rational exploitation to generate sustainable utilities.

-Promotion of conservation, rational use and equitable access to the water found in the basins and sub-basins of the counties and territories.


Indigenous Women
Strengthening the productive capacities of indigenous women with sustainable development programs, and with capital incentives, and credit with minimal requirements.

Women’s participation in the diagnosis, planning, and implementation of these plans and projects, tending to the improvement in quality of life, fomenting development of our own realities, guaranteeing a sustainable human development for the indigenous peoples, especially women in relation to the rest of The population. Implementation of programs and projects that promote leadership by women and youth.

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