World Environment Day
March for a planet worth inheriting.
Raise your voices “Our Future Matters!”

Mexico, Spring/Summer of 2011, Eko-Habitat prepared children in three states to participate in a global youth action called the iMATTER MARCH. Through the collective process of Children’s Vision Councils, the children transformed the march into a “Walk of Possibilities” called Yo Importo Mexico, to be carried out in Mexico City at the monument of the Angel on June 5th for World Environment Day.

The march offered a space and opportunity for Mexican children to publicly share their visions of a more sustainable, balanced and joyful world. The children participated by bringing their artwork, carrying the “Children’s Torch of Hope” and speaking on stage. These passionate young activists, with their carefully prepared speeches and their eyes shinning bright with hope came from urban neighborhoods in Mexico City, the Eco Barrios program in Coyoacan, the Ecomundi Montessori school and native children from local villages in the Great Water Forest of the State of Mexico. It was a great opportunity for civil, governmental and business organizations to support the children in their vision of a sustainable world by setting up activities and info tents. Youth organizations shared communication skills, art and music.

Elementary school children, from very different life experiences …what did they have in common? Their Hope, their humanity, their enthusiasm for creating well being and the profound knowledge that they can… and already have, made a great impact in their world…by building a better future seeded by their world view and utilizing the tools they have at hand…their passion and creative efforts.