November 18-25, 2018: The Call of The Water Vision Council

The Call of The Water

Join us in the unforgettable week long experience of living in a community dedicated to environmental potential and protection. Work, Learn, Share techniques and play with extraordinary people in a natural jungle mangrove setting while building Earth and Water Restoration networks.

WHEN: November 18-25, 2018
LOCATION: Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Bacalar, at El Cayuco Maya, on the shore of the Lagoon Sian Ka’an Bakhalal which in Mayan means “Gate of the sky where the reed grows.” The town of Bacalar is the most ancient inhabited settlement of Quintana Roo and is located in the heart of a region of lagoons, an extensive area of wetlands, mangrove and rainforest, habitat for thousands of species of flora and fauna, some of them unique in the world.

The Vision Council – Guardians of the Earth has brought together activists,environmental educators, artists, and representatives of indigenous traditions from many different parts of Mexico and Latin America for over two decades.

November 18-25, 2018
We will create a temporary eco-village that leaves the community in a better condition than when we arrived.
We will come together to inspire and promote the collective mapping of problems and solutions in Bacalar. To build up the Transition Networks in Quintana Roo, based on a bioregional perspective.

The social impact of the Council happens on several levels. Networks of working groups with common goals are created and reinforced. Young people are nurtured and encouraged to work with an environmental orientation. The learning is materialized in local projects and artistic expressions. It is an experience of deep awareness-raising that leaves an imprint on the participants and the communities where it takes place.

This gathering is an exchange of practical wisdom that enriches the knowledge of the participants in:
● The bioregion and its cultures
● Viable models for the socio-environmental restoration, eco-villages and permaculture
● Integral health and natural medicine



For seven days we share perspectives, we learn, celebrate and work based on values of cooperation, creativity, tolerance and equity.


We are a group of environmental educators, artists and natural therapists who seek to build a sustainable present and future. We work in a voluntary and cooperative way to raise awareness on Earth and change the habits that harm it. Being a diverse group of people and organizations, we strengthen each other mutually. We have proven that integrating visions we can create ideas suitable on a local and bioregional level.

In 1990, the Ecovillage of Huehuecóyotl was the venue of the meeting “Regarding the Nature of the Guardians of the Sacred and Scientific Traditions,” where the idea for the “Vision Council: Guardians of the Earth”
emerged. In 1991 the first Council took place at the Otomi Ceremonial Center in Temoaya, in the State of Mexico. Over the years 14 Councils have been held.


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