Undiscovered America

After 25 years we have renewed our historic mural
in the LA Art District!

Earth Crew 2000 painted this mural 25 years ago in 1992 in what was skid row in Downtown Los Angeles. It was the first mural painted in that area way before it became the LA Art District 20 years later.

The Earth Crew’s inspiration came as an artistic and cultural protest to the 500th anniversary celebrations of the so-called “Discovery” of the Americas by Christopher Columbus. Mr. Columbus, an Italian merchant, was actually sent out to sea by greedy monarchs that had heard of the New World but still believed the world was flat with four corners. By sheer chance and to his good fortune he ended up bumping into the “New World” that had already been discovered by many others including ships from Africa and the Vikings

It is clear by the history that has unfolded, that what Christopher Columbus had NOT discovered in the continental Americas was the extraordinary advances these highly developed societies had in the sciences of math, astronomy, medicine, culture, nature, the arts and music, as well as humanity’s relationship to the Earth planet we live in and our home planet’s relationship to the greater cosmos.

It is speculated that the “Americas”, North, Central and South where already inhabited by a 100 million or more inhabitants whose cultures where extraordinarily diverse and advanced as far as the sciences of math, astronomy, medicine, engineering, agriculture, arts, music and the knowledge of calendars that marked precisely Earth’s millenary relationship to the greater galaxies.

We wanted to acknowledge the greatness of these ancient cultures that had resided and still reside in these lands since thousands of years before.

Throughout time the original cultures of the Americas have had a millennial continuity recorded through oral tradition, art, songs and codices that has guided them and linked them to a cause and effect relationship with Earth and the whole of the universe with elaborate calendars dating back 26,000 years and beyond, with oral traditions referring as far back as their arrivals from the stars. The Hunab-Ku, which the Maya reference to the source of their existence, is in the Nuclear Central Star cluster of the Milky Way Galaxy, which is our home where EARTH rotates around, floating in an endless sea of millions of other galaxies. This was discovered only recently by Hubble in the 1990’s, yet any Mayan youth since thousands of years ago could point the star out for you in the evening sky. The “Undiscovered America” wall is homage to the greatness of humanity as well as honoring the present and past Indigenous Nations.

So, with the permission and blessings of the elders from the Tongva Nation, who are the original peoples of what is now the Los Angeles Art District, 25 years after its creation this mural has been revived by the original members of the Earth Crew.

“Undiscovered America” is protected as a Grandfathered Mural and is a project of local and global community collaboration with the Earth Crew artists, TEKIO, Art Share, the Art District Community, the City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs, Jose Huizar the 14th District Council member, One Global Family Foundation, Four Worlds International Institute for Human and Community Development. Special thanks to Cheyanne Sauter director of Art Share.

We are still seeking support and funds to have a maintenance and protection budget, for touching up, solar lighting and video cameras, creating teaching curricula for schools and virtual experiences. Each culture portrayed in the mural has an extraordinary history and is also a living culture that can be shared with the present generations. We invite all who wish to join us in supporting and honoring the legacy of the great civilizations of the Americas. Together we will achieve this. Earth Crew 2000 website

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